About Us


SEAIT is a join collaboration of Manav Sewa Sangh, Prem Niketan Hospital, Jaipur, India and Cure 2 Children Foundation, Florence, Italy, for the screening, detection and diagnosis of Thalassemia and blood disorders including blood cancer. SEAIT is a centre committed to cure of children with severe blood disorders in particular, transfusion dependent thalassemia by bone marrow transplantation.

SEAIT aims at not only providing bone marrow transplant treatment for thalassemia major and other blood disorders patients but also through this modality of treatment, an avenue for such children to at last realize their dreams of a normal life

The Cure 2 Children Foundation,

The Cure 2 Children Foundation, Italy, is a non profit, apolitical and secular organization pursuing improvement in the cure of children with cancer and blood disorders irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion or geographical area.

Cure 2 Children programs and projects focus on medical care as well as on prevention and family support.

Manav Sewa Sangh

Manav Sewa Sangh has been in the service of humanity for the last 50 years. Manav Sewa Sangh, Prem Niketan Hospital, Jaipur, India is committed to the care of children with severe blood disorders in particular transfusion dependent thalassemia and to provide awareness about and prevention of Thalassemia in India.

Upcoming Projects

SEAIT is a centre committed to providing state of the art, yet affordable treatment to the children of severe blood disorders from all corners of the world.

A high-tech laboratory for stem cell research in treatment of various disorders.

Stem cell therapy would acquire the status of mainstay therapy. We are committed to our vision of starting a state of art research and stem cell treatment centre for various chronic disorders in the years to come.


  1. Promote awareness about thalassemia and other blood disorders in India and South East Asia
  2. Work to detect, screen and diagnose thalassemia and other blood disorders.
  3. Population screening to prevent Thalassemia major
  4. Provide state of the art and affordable bone marrow transplant for cure of thalassemia
  5. Research work related to blood diseases

Our Vision

1. To treat children of blood disorders by bone marrow transplantation
2. To free South and South East Asian region from the menace of thalassemia major by population screening & early detection

Family Support Program

This program is critical to provide EMOTIONAL SUPPORT pre & post procedure Daily in-house counseling sessions are held with patient and mother

The nursing staff and other paramedical staff are well trained, dedicated and empathetic towards patients and families.

Home visit by counselor is done to assess home environment and educate family members about the specialized care post – transplant

Future Ahead

  • Allogeneic bone marrow from matched  related donors other than siblings
  • State of the art yet affordable treatment to children of severe blood disorders from all corners of world
  • State of art Blood Bank
  • Advanced laboratory
  • Step down unit
  • Reception area