As we all know, COVID pandemic has been a tough period for everyone and brought life to a complete standstill. SEAIT was no different and due to COVID was unable to function for a long time. The sudden cessation of work at SEAIT resulted in the list of children awaiting transplants increasing exponentially and the need to start the operations becoming urgent by the day.

As is always said, Every dark cloud has a silver lining! This tough period allowed the management of SEAIT time to think about the institution’s future and how it can be strengthened and benefit a larger section of the needy population. With this in mind, the management of SEAIT started a dialogue with MGUMST to join forces for the larger good, as the association with MGUMST will give SEAIT a bigger platform.

After signing an MOU, construction was started for a dedicated unit for SEAIT within the premises of MGUMST, and the construction was done to high standards in record time, with the full cooperation of the MGUMST management. Pooja and inauguration of the new unit took place on 2nd July 2021, which was inaugurated by Dr. M.L. Swarnkar, Emeritus Chairperson-MGUMST, and attended by Dr. Vikas Swarnkar, Chairperson- MGUMST, Dr. Sudhir Sachdeva, President -MGUMST, Dr. G.N Saxena, Pro-President-MGUMST, Dr. Rachna Narain, Director Research, HOD-IHBT, Secretary SEAIT, MGUMST, Dr. Swati Garg, Principal-MGUMST along with other dignitaries.